Natural Incense-Making Workshop | Saturday, June 3, 2023 at 11:30AM


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For millennia, incense has been used in spiritual and ceremonial practices globally. From ancient Egyptian temples to Japanese shrines, the smoke from burning incense has been believed to purify the air, foster a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, and enhance the mood for prayer and meditation rituals.

Come and discover the enchanting world of incense-making during this engaging two hour workshop. Immerse yourself into the art of crafting natural incense cones while being guided through the process of selecting and formulating different botanical materials to create your own unique aromas. Explore the alchemy of scents, blend aromatic treasures, and depart with cherished handmade creations. Join us for an unforgettable experience of creativity and sensory delights!

NB:  Incense cones require 48 hours to fully dry prior to igniting.
We are delighted to offer this demo class with an introductory price.

Guests are invited to enjoy 10% off all Buena Vista Candle Co. products (valid in-store for the booked workshop date only).

Space is limited to 6 guests. If you'd like to arrange a private workshop for your group of 4+, please email to arrange the session.

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Floral, Woody, Gourmand, Fresh, Fruity


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