Mystery Box Sale (Small Box)


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The small edition of the mystery box features a surprise mixture of four candles from the core collection: amber luxe glass (45 hour burn time) and golden travel tin candles (30 hour burn time). The exact sizes and scents will remain a mystery until you open the box!

You may notice some imperfections such as uneven wax surfaces, discoloration, dents, and other small flaws that do not meet our vigorous QA standards; however, the candles will still burn optimally and emit the aroma as expected.

As a result of these superficial imperfections, the cost has been deeply reduced.
This box has an original retail value of $66.

By purchasing this box, you accept the following acknowledgements:

  • All sales are final
  • Candles may have slight imperfections in appearance as stated above, but will still burn well
  • Limited to one box per customer transaction



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